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The avant-garde and groundbreaking language that BIMBA Y LOLA has been developing for decades in Vigo, Spain with each collection merges for the first time with the artisanal and genderless craftsmanship that characterizes the brand led by Alejandro Gómez Palomo since 2015. Created in his studio-workshop in Posadas, Palomo Spain has revolutionized high fashion by shedding labels and prejudices from this small Andalusian town, making folklore and a passion for craftsmanship an expressive form capable of seducing the whole world and new generations. Two seemingly different worlds but with something in common: an identity as personal as it is cosmopolitan, they come together in New York City to come to life during the Palomo Spain runway show at NYFW in September 2023. The BIMBA Y PALOMO collection is a canvas in black, white, and red that uses the rose as a common thread. This element appears in the form of translucent prints on hand-knitted garments, or as a dense cloak on minidresses, sweaters, and halter-neck tops. The rose is also the main jewel of the collection, whether through necklaces, bracelets, and oversized earrings, or in the form of a bouquet of rings.